We are first of all a Christian School that teaches Jesus Christ as Lord. Once a week we have a

chapel service that is often led by the students. In addition, Bible curriculum is taught at each

level, and each class has their own mission project for the year. (caption with relating pic)

We provide strong academic programs at all levels from well-qualified teachers who love the

Lord. Having an environment to learn and grow in love may be very special, but we think you

will find the opportunities for your child to explore art, physical education, and drama as part of

our curriculum, is what really sets us apart. (caption with relating pic)

Our daily schedule provides students an introduction to discover things they may have otherwise

never tried, while developing a love for areas in which God has given them special talent.

Outstanding arts teachers provide additional elective instruction as well, including dance.

There’s something for everyone at Trinity Christian Schools. 

Middle School

Just like middle school students themselves, our middle school is one-of- a-kind! Trinity Middle

school is a Christian School that teaches Jesus Christ as Lord and the joy He gives us is a gift we

can’t find anywhere else.

One goal for our students is that each year they will become more aware of the gifts and talents

that God has uniquely given them, and use those gifts and talents to bless the people in the world

around them being a light in this world.

While elementary students are being introduced to each area, middle school students are given

some opportunity for choice and especially, development in the things they know God has

chosen for them. 

We provide a strong core academic program along with required classes in Bible, visual art,

physical education, and drama. Trinity Christian Academy has extra-curricular opportunities as

well such as Associate Student Body (ASB), visual arts, dance classes, and exciting performing

arts shows.

High School

Trinity Christian High School is a small, personal, Christ-centered secondary educational

experience that stresses academic excellence and traditional Christian values through the Arts.

Our teaching staff maximizes the opportunities made available by our small size in order to

discover their students’ academic strengths and weaknesses and teach toward them. (any)

Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (“WASC”), Trinity

Christian High School is recognized for its outstanding academic program of study, the success

of its students in universities throughout the United States, and the contributions its graduates

have made across the globe. 

Central to our programs is our core understanding that Trinity Christian High School is tasked

with “equip(ping) His people for works of service, so that the whole body of Christ may be built

up” (Ephesians 4:12). High School students participate in service projects each year. 

Students receive instruction in the Scriptures during each year of attendance and participate in

weekly Chapel worship, in addition to our rigorous program of traditional academic subjects.

Even the Arts are flavored with our Christian witness, as our students receive opportunities to

worship God through art, drama, music, and dance.

In addition, our students are involved in clubs, athletics, plays, school dances, service projects,

youth leagues… all the activities students across America enjoy pursuing. Our size allows for a

distinctive feeling of closeness among our students — so much so that many of our graduates

report that they have stayed in touch with most of their classmates, even years later. 

Let’s be honest. People can put anything they want on a website. The Internet is full of half-

truths, optimistic statements, and downright lies. You would be wise to be skeptical. That is why

we encourage you to visit our campus and check us out. Ultimately, the “proof” of the distinctive

nature of Trinity Christian High School can only be seen first-hand. We have no doubts that once

you meet with us, you’ll want to join us. Call (714) 971-4159 to schedule a visit.