High School

The Trinity Christian High School is the only private Christian performing arts school in Orange County. TCHS is not only strong in the performing arts, but is academically strong as well. USC, UCI, UCLA, UC Berkley, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Eastman School of Music and Cal Poly Pomona are just a few of the colleges that our students have chosen to attend. The class sizes are small allowing for a lot of personal attention. Only 25 students per grade level will be accepted each year. A fine arts audition, a pastoral referral, and a statement of faith are required pieces of the application process. The goal of TCHS is to not only teach students about Jesus, but to also teach each student how to rely upon Him during times of adolescence, college, and adulthood. Each student at TCHS is required to earn 40 Visual Performing Arts (VPA) units and 20 hours of community service per year in order to graduate. The VPA classes are graded and evaluated with the same weight as the academic classes.

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TCS High School New Student Packet 2018-2019 (pdf)


TCS Returning Local Student Packet 18-19 (pdf)